FAQ -- Frequently asked Questions

Q. Can someone help me?
A. Ask other players in the game or a member of staff in the game. You can also use the contact form.

Q. Why can't I mine or do anything?
A. Spawn is protected you must move out into the wild to find a place to claim and call home.

Q. How do I claim?
A. Use the golden shovel. With the golden shovel is in your hand, a link will display. Click on the link and watch the video (All of it).

Q. How can I get more claim blocks?
A. Just by playing; you get 100 per hour. You also get bonus claims voting and ranking up or you can purchase claim blocks at the online store.

Q. I found a chest outside a claim. Can I take its contents?
A. Yes.

Q. I placed a chest outside my claim and got robbed. Can you help?
A. No. That's too bad. Try expanding your claim to protect yourself. Also read rule #2 again in case you forgot.

Q. I found an unclaim house. Can I claim it?
A. Yes. When a player has been offline for a while the server may remove their claim. Also Admins often remove claims after players have been offline for 30 days or more.

Q. I got murdered and someone stoll my stuff and won't give it back. Can you help?
A. No. That's too bad. Don't /tpa to people you don't know and trust. Also read rule #3 again in case you forgot.

Q. I have this great build can you set a warp here so others can see it?
A. When you reach the rank of Hero, you start getting warps that you can set yourself.

Q. How can I rank up faster?
A. Remember to /Vote every day. We don't sell ranks so everyone has the same chance to progress.